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Attic Insulation

The easiest and most cost effective way to instantly lower your heating bills is through attic insulation.
Save 35% on Heating Bills instantly when your attic is correctly insulated.

A quick check you can perform yourself: If you can see the roof joists in your attic, it’s not properly insulated.

Why insulate the attic?

Approximately 35% of the heat that leaves your home does so through the roof, but what does this really mean?

It means your going to spend more than you need to heating your home, a lot more, for up to the next 40 years. Taking the simple step now of ensuring that your attic is properly insulated can save you an absolute fortune over the lifetime of the insulation, typically 40 years.

Most people would be familiar with those big rolls of yellow insulation that became popular in Ireland in the late 70′s and early 80′s. Back then, everyone was “insulating their attics” with these glass fiber rolls that stung the hands off you, but hey, they worked – they reduced the cost of heating your home. To an extent. The problem is they’re not thick enough to properly insulate your home.

Properly insulated attics have an insulation depth of 160mm. Here’s a simple test. Pop your head into your attic. If you can see the top of the floor joists, your attic is not properly insulated and there’s hundreds of euro sailing straight out of your roof.

Attic insulation is a simple and cost effective solution that will, in most cases, have paid for itself by the end of its second winter, in some cases after the first. You then enjoy the saving for the next 38 or 39 years.

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About Attic Insulation

• Save 35% on your heating bills
• Grant of €200 available
• All our work is fully guaranteed
• Lasts 40 years

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